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Ball tongue lyrics by Korn

Korn Ball tongue lyrics
  • track 2 of 12, total running time
  • album Korn
  • released in 1994
  • produced by
  • record label
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Korn tracklist

released 1994 via

1. Blind
2. Ball tongue lyrics
3. Need to
4. Clown
5. Divine
6. Faget
7. Shoots and ladders
8. Predictible
9. Fake
10. Lies
11. Helmet in the bush
12. Daddy

Ball tongue song lyrics

There you are alone
With no hope of ever having
Something to be proud of
Something earned without begging
Yes, i know you're a person
A person close to me
Who do you think you are?
What more do you want from me?

(Ball Tongue)
You got the dykes off, i think they'll mind me
(Ball Tongue)
The rag i'm on we are justified
(Ball Tongue)
Congrats you just fucked up my make-up and shit
(Ball Tongue)
What have you done for me?

Why are you at home?
Buried in your self pity?
Why do you insist on living the life clean out of me?
Yes, i know your the person
The person that took time with me
Does it give you the right to expect your life revolves around me?

(Ball Tongue)
You have come to take me from my buddy
(Ball Tongue)
You have never been so funky
(Ball Tongue)
The higgle got sick of me
(Ball Tongue)
Ahh, the dick is fine for the day
(Ball Tongue)
You're drug addicted from me
(Ball Tongue)
Unidentified enemy
(Ball Tongue)
Come fucking back to save us and gave up
(Ball Tongue)
They've come to deliver me

You were my brother
Where does our friendship end? (x3)
You were my... I'm not gonna give in

You were my brother
Where does our friendship end? (x3)

How can you fuckin' doubt me?
But not again.(x8)

(Ball Tongue)
They've driven right by my friends
(Ball Tongue)
They've taken the take above me
(Ball Tongue)
You're a psychofuck
(Ball Tongue)
They've come to enslave me
(Ball Tongue)
They've jacken themselves on to me
(Ball Tongue)
You're fucking gangster sign
(Ball Tongue)
They've come not to save them, but they take
(Ball Tongue)
Fuckin' death to fuckin' me!

You're a psychofuck! (x8)

Berome's dead at the technodrome
(Ball Tongue)
You're right, he's dead, tear gas dropped, but who was it?
(Ball Tongue)
It' doesn't of the rhythm of the damn monger
(Ball Tongue)
Can i die? Can i die?
(Ball Tongue)
And then, the man kept kicking me
(Ball Tongue)
He gets him on, they're cool
(Ball Tongue)
He wasn't dead, and they knocked him on the head
(Ball Tongue)
No more, he's rid of you
You're a dyke!

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check here the lyrics for Ball tongue, the 2th song of the 12 recorded for the album Korn, with a total running time of , by Korn. It was released on via , and produced by .
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