New Metallica music more progressive
New Metallica music more progressive
Metallica guitarist Kirk Hammett dropped some hints this week as to the direction the band's sound is taking on the new music they are writing for their forthcoming album.

He says some of the new material is comparable to their latest released track 'Lords Of Summer' but adds that a lot of the songs are "little bit more progressive" and similar to their last studio album "Death Magnetic" and "remotely similar" to "...And Justice For All," though he warns that it is not sonically like that classic album.

Hammett discussed the new material during an appearance on SiriusXM's Liquid Metal on Tuesday (April 14th). He told the show (via Blabbermouth, "I would say some of the stuff [we have written] is similar to 'Lords Of Summer'. 'Lords Of Summer' is pretty accessible, because I think it's one of the more accessible-sounding riffs and there's a really cool melody. A lot of the other material is a little bit more progressive - kind of along the lines of what 'Death Magnetic' turned out to be."
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