Dave Grohl explains what is killing music
Dave Grohl explains what is killing music
Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl recently addressed what he believes to be "the problem with the music industry" Ė calling it more a lack of quality than a lack of interest.

Every day there is a new editorial focusing on the troubles facing the music business, with many of those at least taking a sidebar to identify rock & roll as the most endangered of all musical species. Foo Fighters frontman and former Nirvana drummer Dave Grohl has been fortunate enough to become incredibly successful with more than one act - but still goes on the defensive when people say that the trade he deals in is in danger.

Recently Grohl spoke with Billboard and was asked about the problems plaguing the industry, to which he responded:

"Someone asked me recently, ĎWhat do you think the problem with the music industry is?í I said, Ďtake the Adele record, for example. Itís an amazing record and everybodyís so shocked that itís such a phenomenon. Iím not. You know why that recordís huge? Because itís f-ing good and itís real. Now imagine if all records were that good. Do you think only one of them would sell? F- no! All of them would. If all records were that good the music business would be on fire, but theyíre not.í"
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