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Intolerance. Intolerance. I am the intolerant. Watch your world collapsing, toppling on top of mine. Your open mind degenerates, invites the weak. Open up your filthy hands. Dig right in with dirty nails. Your open wounds spread your disease. So here?s the cure ? intolerance. I am the intolerant. Smirk and ask me how I live like this when you can barely speak. You ask me why I live like this and you?re barely alive. Only with your friends?yeah, just to relax, just to let go?and the weekend is every day. You know it kills but you smile and swallow. I remain intolerant as you degenerate with your open mind.
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Dirty nails lyrics

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check here the lyrics for Dirty nails, the 12th song of the 14 recorded for the album XTRMST, with a total running time of , by XTRMST. It was released on via , and produced by .