Andrew Stockdale - Suitcase (one more time) song lyrics
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I just bought this nine-dollar suitcase
I've been carrying it around the place
It looks like I'm doing something
It looks like I'm making something happen
And at the end of the day
I'll pack it up and I'll give it away soon

I just bought this thousand-dollar car
It don't even start, it don't go far
It just sits in there, on the street
Rusting away in front of everyone it meets
'Cos if this car could talk
It's trying to tell me to walk away

Walk away, walk away
Why can't I just walk away?

Something is making me wanna sing
Do you want to pick up that guitar and play?
Pack up that van and go
Then off to the next show tonight
When the band walks up onstage
You know everything is gonna be all right

One more time, one more time
Why can't the band play one more time?
One more drink, one more drink
Why can't the band have one more drink?
One more song, one more song
Why can't the band play one more song?
One more dream, one more dream
Why can't we all have one more dream?
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