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Hey all you people
It's time to go
You never hurt me
But how would you know
You were no present
But why would I care
When you never taught me to always be there
You were the very best friends that a guy could fight
Man, you were out of sight
Goodbye and good night

Hey all you gods
Above and below
Suppose I should thank you
For what I don't know
I am indebted to you I am told
You gave me a girl's name
And let me go
You were a saint
I submit you be canonized
You treated me so damn right
Adios and good night

Relieve the tasks of your armies
Lay down your arms
With your arms free
Then we can all go home free
Go home free
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Home free lyrics

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check here the lyrics for Home free, the 13th song of the 13 recorded for the album War psalms, with a total running time of , by Morning Glory. It was released on via , and produced by .