Prong - Mansruin song lyrics
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My whole life counting dimes worried about uncertainty.
So I roll the dice before I die, maybe get a little for me.
I bet it, bet it all-
Threw everything into a pile.
Regret it?
Got nothing at all, no guarantees, no pieces of the pie.
Got the eyes on you, black
eyes on you-
Ruin it for you if they could.
Eyes on you, black eyes on you-
Mansruin for his own good.
High life all the highlights covered on the plays of the day.
Baked out, burnt right out of it, breath fried beyond repair.
I tasted it, devoured it, ballooned right out of sight.
A done deal dealt out by fate scored myself a bite of nonlife
Fucked out, fucked out of everything,
drained at the end of each day.
A red cent, no pennies from heaven taken for a chump for life.
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