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Prong lyrics
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Go ahead and rise above,
see how far you get on top.
Held down just to impair you.
We know who's ahead of the game-You
know who'll get the blame.
You're in the grip of the controller.
Do you really want it all back?
See how far you get on top.
Held down just to impair you.
It's the fear that you cant do right.
See how you lose in your life -
Cut down, they will impale you.
Can you really get it on track?
You tried to make it all stop.
Time will tell how much they denied you.
You just got burnt by the controller.
You'll never know how to react.
Your sucked to the very last drop.
Time will tell what has been denied you.
Are you clear in your mind and sight?
Are you clear right out of your head?
Just angry at the things that have failed you.
So you want to get it all back.
You tried to make it all last.
Tied down to control you.
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