A Little Boy Lost - Dark prince of my solitude song lyrics
A Little Boy Lost lyrics
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Why do I dream of you
If I know I'll never meet you
Why do I build my life around you
If I know you'll never know who I am.
My fantasies - my hopes
My jealous ways of seeing
My moves and my bones
My secret ways of being

And that foreign poetry you put in my mouth (x3). In my mouth.

You grew inside me to fill
To recognize my second name
You dressed me up
You pulled me down
I followed you through all these years and fought the distance
My alter-ego breaks and kills me with his name
My sweet mate of uncertainty - I know that one day

You'll look into my eyes (x3) one day. And understand.

Just for a second and back to our lives (x4).

Dark prince of my solitude.
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