Alkaline Trio - Crawl song lyrics
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Waking up zeroed in on medicine
Am I waking up at all today
Seeing lights, feeling pain
There's my cure on ice
I can walk but I will crawl there
I will crawl there
Sitting straight, feeling faint
An exhausted smile screens my words
But I will hear them
Here's a phrase that we all know
But I can't make sense
I don't know words but I will hear them
I still hear them
Never ran away for the sake of scars
Tried not to move but she was armed
And shots were fired
Now a hole in the head of this wounded liar
Never had a drink that I didn't like
Got a taste of you, threw up all night
I got more sick
With every sour second rate kiss
Everything I never would miss again
I don't know who your boyfriend is
From here to infirmary (0)
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