The Flaming Lips - Sunrise (eyes of the young) song lyrics
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The sunrise insists on gladness
But how can I be glad
Now my flower is dead
Oh, sun
I see you happy
You've made the morning dew
Now you're showing me the truth but I don?t want to believe you..
(Believe you, believe you, believe you)

The sunbeams
Burnin' my child dreams
The machine that brings me joy
Now it's just a stupid toy
Oh, if I could go back and find you
I'd kiss your glowing head
And hear the things you said
And always believe you
(Believe you, believe you, believe you)

Oh, the sunset
Is fuckin' with my head
Feels like a dying love in the eyes of the young
Tell me love is neither living or dying
It's a power in your mind
I think it's with you all the time
It only hurts when it leaves you
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