The Flaming Lips - There should be unicorns song lyrics
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Yeah there should be unicorns..
Ones with the purple eyes
It should be loud as fuck
Hope the swans don?t die
There should be burning sun
And naked slaves
And if the police show up..
We?ll give them so much money it will make them cry
And forgive us..
Yeah there should be unicorns the ones with the purple eyes not the green eyes
Yeah there should be day glow strippers
Ones from the Amazon
Some edible butterflies.. We put ketchup on
Some motorcycle stunts.. That always crash
And if the police show up we?ll bribe them into helping us steal the light of love from the rainbow sluts that live next door
Yeah there should be unicorns
Ones with the purple eyes.. Not the green eyes..
At first there should be unicorns. The ones with the purple eyes not the ones with green eyes. Whatever they give them, they shit everywhere. And it would be great if the moon was almost down? in a very red/orange state? Let?s leave it like that for at least three hours? Hovering just above the horizon. And if the police show up we will give them so much money that they can retire from their shitty, violent jobs and live the greatest life they?ve ever lived. And we will be high. And the love generator will be turned up to its maximum. And we?ll get higher when, at last, the sun comes up in the morning and we will collapse under the weight of the ancient earth. And it will be inside me and it will be inside you? and it will be the end of the world and the beginning of a new love?
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