Puscifer - Autumn song lyrics
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Run, run, catch the sun before he slips away

Oh, winter
Unreason?s cold, tenacity
Pause your nature, dance with me
One more autumn day

Come, Prudence
Come, reason to chase my light away
Catch me, catch me
No, not this day

Twilight fall upon all souls
Darkening our skin and bone
Soon I?ll follow Prudence home
Until then, just let me chase this sun

Soon enough I?ll go, a winters way
Soon enough, though not this day

Soon enough I?ll go, winters way
Soon enough-

Stay the winter, oh, one more day
Leave me to my child's play

Soon enough I?ll go your way
Dance with me, oh, one more autumn day
Soon enough I?ll go your way
Soon enough-

Soon enough, though not this day
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