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Pure Love lyrics
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I am the pale mark of a fotgotten name
All these years, and it's still the same
All the hate, and the fear, and I'm still in chains
We're trapped in these bodies allergic to change

I feel the punishment taking it's toll
I feel all of the hits, every single blow
And I don't know how long I can do this alone
For the first time ever I am feeling old

We are nothing
We are allergic to change
All the hate and the fear
And we are still in chains

There won't be an easier way
We suffer patiently to keep it this way
Like a new spark to and old flame
Every tear helps to wash it away
Anthems (2013)
1. She (makes the devil run through me)
2. Bury my bones
3. The hits
4. Anthem
5. Beach of diamonds
6. Handsome devil's club
7. Heavy kind of chain
8. Burning love
9. Scared to death
10. Riot song
11. March of the pilgrims