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The lake is as a mirror
For the moon
That shimmers high above
The sacrificial
Lamb becoming clearer
Soon shall be
Just a shave that craved her love

Arician oaks cloak the sacred grove
Wherein her priest
Awaits to greet
His successor to this ancient throne

The King Of The Woods
Stands staunchest guard
O'er the golden bough
In the eldritch haunts of Nemi where
I rake the fecund dells to take his crown

Midsummer night grows pensive
On the murder to befall
The incumbent fright defensive
Against my intense intent to rule

Divine right by the bravest slave
To perpetuate the flame
To ascend to watch blest vestals bathe
Where their temple bares Diana's name

The King Of The Woods
Rex Nemorensis
Cleaves the gilded tree
And accepts the sentence of the God
To rest his kindred spirit free

The Queen Of The Stars
Alights to earth
And from the silvered water's edge
She means to take me in her arms
But favours fulsome forest beds instead

Communion with heaven
The Goddess of the wild countryside

An Egeria and Virbius
We pleasure endeavour
Together we ride

I show my face, the lustrous one
And by my grace, all men undone
Fall neath my spell to fell delights
This one I chose, I froze on sight

Come sow me, mould me thy seed
So I might grow to Spring's relief
Fulfill the circle's ritual needs
Untold delights, twelve months to be

Torches draw me from this reverie
Where maids debauch me reverently
And when night dissolves, I self-absolve
Mounting my days with fate's resolve

Deep in the coals of my soul
A hot tongue flickers
A reign for her flame to unfold
Before the hunt quickens Death's bow
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King of the woods lyrics

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