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As I Die

Stare as eyes uphold me
And wait to see right through
And curse me.. The love has cripples you

Shadows haunt the night
Burning my disguise

Reaping through the truth
Life becomes untrue

Sin the last diversion
My fate will be untouched
Dismissed now, the anger of a fool

Shadows haunt the night
Forgive me as I die

Taking a chance
And take what you gain
My soul it has no price
Total pelease is out of harms way
Until I can decide
You push me, can't you see, I'm not real
Tears are flowing free, passing by, as I die

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As I Die lyrics

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check here the lyrics for As I Die, the 14th song of the 17 recorded for the album Reflection, with a total running time of , by Paradise Lost. It was released on via , and produced by .