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Trapped in his spell, leads you to hell
the new Messiah emerges
Promise of new life, drawn by strife
Led into psychotic will
Smell the tainted air, your soul stripped bare
Weak thoughts are lured
The cult welcomes you, nothing you can do
Feel the evil stare
Forever Enslaved
Brainwashed to kill, his demands fulfilled
Taste the victims blood
Orgy of homocide, attempting mass genocide
Live by masters command
Led to commit the deed, plant his evil seed
Victims of mind control
Running through the maze, in a brainwashed daze
You are the hunted
Forever Enslaved
Trapped in the web, to die you are led
The cult assembles
Freedom still denied, demands mass suicide
Weak thought are destroyed
Tainted blood consumed, the family is doomed
Fell Messiahs wrath
Goals accomplished now, to hell you are bound
Meet your unholy maker
Forever Enslaved

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