Razor - Decibels song lyrics
Razor lyrics
Addicted to the feeling that makes your skin crawl
Feel your head ringing, nailed to the wall
I turn it up louder, feels good inside
You're crusin' 120 on a decibel ride
I push the volume, watch you scream from the pain
You feel the current headin' straight through your veins
I love to see it when it touches the brain
And you cry
I deal experiments in decibel death
I pump the power with the flick of the switch
You feel the horror when your eyes start to twitch
And you fry
Infected by the healing that makes your skin crawl
You feel your head screamin', nailed to the wall
I turn it up louder, right through your spine
You're pushin' 140 on a decibel ride
Decibels (1997)
1. Decibels
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7. Open Hostility
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