Razor - Hypertension song lyrics
Razor lyrics
Seized by stress, hateful energy
Blood is boiling, trying to break us free
Temper flares, destruction takes it's place
Killing power, uncontrolled disgrace
Draing the strength from your tired soul
Robbed of your right to relax
Tightening vices taking their toll
Inflicting these deadly attacks
Hot blood runs cold
Death sentence from the day you're born
Pressure curse, your skin is ripped and torn
Veins bulge, your body's glowing red
Hypertension is leaving you for dead
Nervous wreck, hell bent on self-destruction
Can't break apart this arterial obstruction
Cardiac, rate of pulse increase
Strained heart, you're soon to be deceased
Violent Restitution (1988)
1. The Marshall Arts
2. Hypertension
3. Taste The Floor
4. Behind Bars
5. Below The Belt
6. I'll Only Say It Once
7. Enforcer
8. Violent Restitution
9. Out Of The Game
10. Edge Of The Razor
11. Eve Of The Storm
12. Discipline
13. Fed Up
14. Soldier Of Fortune