Razor - Challence The Eagles song lyrics
Razor lyrics
The sacred fire burns and dwells
In the minds who desire to choose
Those who wait will burn in the flame
They've chosen to lose
The war cry was choking louder
And the thunder stood alone
Biting winds chilled the taker
Searching eyes of stone
Miles behind yet minutes away, the furies slay
Moving up from yesterday, keeping time away
Sirens break the closing fight
The warriors bow to the eagle of night
They gather for the mighty feast
To challenge the taker, the master, the beast
Shadows dance on painted walls
Hate shown through eyes so cold
Secrets stand, the guilty pay
The fury will hold
The search is now descending fast
The proud cry from the fallen fade
The shire handed tribes have lost
Join the renegade
Malicious Intent (1986)
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4. Cage The Ragers
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8. Challence The Eagles
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10. High Speed Metal