Razor - Tear Me To Pieces song lyrics
Razor lyrics
Give me the claw that rips at my side
Screaming with pleasure, spikes poking my eyes
Hustlers and losers scrapping in vain
Drinking the blood that's drawn from my brain
Tear Me To Pieces
Tear Me To Pieces
Burn At The Stake, excite in extreme
Animal hungry, and cut jaw supreme
Shooting through veins tensed to infection
Blood stained knife, seeking injection
Sucking the life from bodies in heat
Scraping the flesh, raw ridden meat
Tear me apart, mercy's at rest
Tear Me To Pieces, I challenge the best
Fast with the pain, desire and skill
Can you withstand the merciless kill
A flawless attempt, beheading is done
Malicious Intent (1986)
1. Tear Me To Pieces
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