Razor - Cross Me Fool song lyrics
Razor lyrics
Born a bastard
The baddest in the land
Never done
I take whatever I can
Live the age
Live it fast
Crash course riot
Kicked my teacher outta class
Cross Me Fool, I'll even up the score
What you'll get, revenge and a little more
You know I'm bad, I've done it all before
Stay clear of me, I'm rotten to the core
You know me
Don't like my style
Wait and see
It takes a little while
Play the fool
When it comes I go
Piece o'tail
When it's you I'll let you know
Hiding out
Never catch me in the act
Crime is time
I've done some, won't go back
Remember me
When deeds are done
When I'm back
I'm back for a bit of fun
Evil Invaders (1985)
1. Cross Me Fool
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