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ah ah ah ah ah
ah ah ah ah ah

Where the middle class breaks up
The working class better wake up
When America was dreaming
Some pigs stole our country

Lulu stands by her family
With harmony and history
There's two kinds of stories
Either comedy or tragedy

ah ah ah ah ah
ah ah ah ah ah

Lulu works all day long
She goes 9 to 5 just to stay alive
She'll do anything just to walk the line
Ain't no time to wine and dine

Her war time now in the USA
Her husband goes far away
Afghanistan to Iraq
Her husband now ain't comin' back

ah ah ah ah ah
ah ah ah ah ah

America the beautiful
That's what the sign said
And I welcome every single one
Cause I want them all to stay
And I'll travel and I'll travel
til my very last day
Through the New York harbor
To the San Francisco bay

ah ah ah ah ah
ah ah ah ah ah

Lulu Lulu Lulu Lulu
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