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saturday,where else are you gonna go
theres no way i'm gonna end up at the disco
make my way to fist fights and stillettos
to rock and roll rock and roll rock and roll

theres a club on the coast where the kids get lost
and no-ones gonna stare,chick,its bleached jeans with
dayglow mohawk hair.misfits and homeless kids all call
their home there,dont tell me it aint reall,dont you
fucking dare.
10 punks pile in the car,nothing going on,turn up the
radio 'cos its my favorite song.theres a club on the coast
where all the kids get along.skins and punks and wayword ones
nothing can go wrong

do you know what when i show up theres gonna be some
fucking action.so many styles alwasy so wild thats the
fucking attraction.she said what,i'll fuck em up,thats
her satisfaction,bottle of reds straight to the head
detox transaction
hells angels ran my neighbourhood it was always understood
i was running errands for the angels,i was a little fucking
hood punk rock was my way out,it was always in my blood
i dont give a fuck,i was locked.i should be dead or in jail

family turns their back on their son.now we're all alone
now we aint got a home,now we're among our own
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