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enjoy. (world peace)

another lesson has been learned a mist these modern times strangers in
the mist appear now there's war all the time systimatically gonna
destroy commit another atrocity aggressors are in their places man made
catastrophys well i'm not lookin for a fight now and i don't care who's
wrong or right now so release the dove into flight now so we can start
right now start right now a small key gonna open the door across the
border to a new land and in the new land the sand storm roars under a
spell there's a ghost of a man on the back of many warriors they stand
their prayers tall upon deaf ears machiavelli owns a machine gun now
and a shill in a mask and a puppeteer humility has no play in this case
in a big game of chess for vs all hostility explodes in a mess now you
got blood all over the wall and clarity turns to dark blindfolded
prisoners of war solidarity on the razors edge boy what? your a big
punchernow right? i don't fuckin think so!
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