Rancid - Tenderloin song lyrics
Rancid lyrics
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Realize you´re dehumanized
You critisize your existance
It´s your demise when no sun arise
When you´re paralized by your lack of resistance

She know she is
She knows she´s going
Down below where the fire´s glowing

The tricks she gets them she´s not a victim
She makes a list of them and reads them all alone
For money she´s walking down on larkin'
In t.i. they´re rocking all night long
Let's go (1994)
1. Nihilism
2. Radio
3. Side Kick
4. Salvation
5. Tenderloin
6. Let's Go
7. As One
8. Burn
9. The Ballad Of Jimmy & Johnny
10. Gunshot
11. I Am The One
12. Gave It Away
13. Ghetto Box
14. Harry Bridges
15. Black & Blue
16. St Mary
17. Dope Sick Girl
18. International Cover-up
19. Solidarity
20. Midnight
21. Motorcycle Ride
22. Name
23. 7 Years Down