Rancid - Side Kick song lyrics
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I had a dream I was a
Vigilantes side kick my
Name is tim I'm a
Lesser known character
I had a dream I was
A vigilantes side kick
Fighting crime in the
Streets together down in
Oakland off of west
Grand st.joseph relief
Program a good place
Where good people get
Food help your fellow
Man a good thing to do
Goverment agency
Said be afraid of me i
Sut you doors down
It wont phase me
Wolverine came through
Left the agent for
Dead opened up the
Doors back up,every
One was fed do not
Bill the abandoned buildings
It's nice to sleep when
You got a celling neighbor
Hood watch said we.
Gotta put a sotop cant have
People livin' for free call
The cops here come the
Swat team & the m 16 shoot
The walls in destroy the
Building wolverine was sad
& it made him mad every single
Cop got a bullet in their head
Let's go (1994)
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