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Life must be so wonderful, living here on your own, / please call / around to see. / and
Maybe I've been loving you for too long, / and now blind, / I watch you bleed. / you rot
In your bedroom, you cry on the phone. / well I'm sorry / but he's not at home. / you give
Me your secrets, you give me your heart / and I smile whilst you fall apart. / oh no, /
Please not now, / can't you see there's no time? / no, I haven't the time. / can't you see
There's no time? / oh-oh, / oh-oh-oh-oh, / oh-oh, / oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh... / now all our
Dreams melt / in the sun, / and visions / dwindle / one by one by one. / perhaps you
Should move somewhere / far away, / to another town / where maybe they / could see things
In your way. / it shouldn't be like this, it shouldn't be hard. / I smile whilst you fall
Apart. / you're sorry, you're sorry, is all that you say. / well, / I'd stop it, but i
Can't find a way. / your life must be so wonderful, / your visions die and fall. / and in
The end, / nothing ends, / just grows fainter / and farther / away.
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