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This is what it's all about
This is why we play
This is why we make your day
This is it...
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This Is lyrics

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1. This Is
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3. Digging In
4. Time To Act!
5. Disdain And Contempt
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7. Inhale/exhale
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21. For What Cause?
22. Fullmatad
23. Screwed
24. Shaping The End
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26. No Sign Of Improvement
27. My Philosophy
28. I'm Not Silent
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33. Grey
34. Worldcraft
35. It's Never Too Late
36. Du ar Bevakad
37. Blinded
38. Can De Lach
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check here the lyrics for This Is, the 1th song of the 38 recorded for the album Inhale/exhale, with a total running time of , by Nasum. It was released on via , and produced by .