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(Justin Hayward)

I've had dreams enough for one
And I've got love enough for three
I have my hopes to comfort me
I've got my new horizons out to sea

But I'm never gonna lose your precious gift
It will always be that way
And I know I'm gonna find my own peace of mind
Someday, someway.

Where is this place that we have found
Nobody knows where we are bound
I long to hear, I need to see
Cos' I've shed tears too many for me.


On the wind, soaring free,
Spread your wings, I'm beginning to see
Out of mind, far from view
Beyond the reach, of the nightmare come true.

Verse 1

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New Horizons lyrics

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check here the lyrics for New Horizons, the 2th song of the 8 recorded for the album Seventh Sojourn, with a total running time of , by The Moody Blues. It was released on via , and produced by .