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I keep account of my hits and my misses
The bottle makes the final call
Fuel me with some of your kisses
Turn towards the weeping wall
Distilled within your discipline
Return to go and start again
Bleeding on your hallowed ground
I'm gonna lay this sodden soul right down in...

Spit sperm spit

Your TV is my teacher
Confessional and preacher
Forgive me lord for all this hate
I simply am inebriate

See the gun
Pick it up
All day long you'll have good luck
See the gun
Let it lie
You'll want that gun before you die

Spit sperm
This moral bankrupt stinking vat
Spit sperm
Of shit-fueled lies and empty highs
Spit sperm
Bled between these piss stained lines
Spit sperm
And hid behind my glazing eyes
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Spit Sperm lyrics

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check here the lyrics for Spit Sperm, the 6th song of the 10 recorded for the album Symbols, with a total running time of , by KMFDM. It was released on via , and produced by .