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(Jon Anderson)

Clouds will form into the sky
Watching them could make them disappear
Oh, my, what a glowing earth

They can dance into the wind
Exercise the right to believing
In the real forgiving day

Jingle chimes the greeting nature majesty
Of the one supreme who enlightens
Are they being, this the glowing earth

Set it up to the moon
Set it up to the stars
Seeking all of the world
To wisdom of love
See the nature abound
SUper nature around

Deep in the depth of the mystic
Sounds of insects singing a special
Song, oh my, what a moving earth

Souls can dance into the sky
Singing them could make them all to say
One love, oh my, what a shining path
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Forest Of Fire lyrics

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check here the lyrics for Forest Of Fire, the 4th song of the 13 recorded for the album 3 Ships, with a total running time of , by Jon Anderson. It was released on via , and produced by .