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Say goodnight young dagger have the years been kind to you?
Or have they left you vacant with so much left to prove
It should be none of your concern but the pain has been lifted away
Fatally eternally

Overcome and overthrow
The blood that swelled your tainted lips now drip to the floor
So dry your eyes before you cry another river
And breath-by-breath I'll rise to keep your flood away from me

I'll dam your flood away from me
Only out of spite I must
I will throw you away
Always I'll fight off your grip on my existence

I won't feel sorry for this spit in the eye
Sending seizures through your frozen veins

There is no giving into you
It took a lifetime to forget your name
I swallowed everything you said
Exhale the poison the dwells within your soul

Stand up for myself
Drown by yourself
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There was a flood lyrics

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