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She always was a winner
Never lost a game
She preyed upon my innocence
Shot me down in flames
And if I should abuse her
She won't let me forget
Her spirit sleeps within my blood
The pillows soaking wet

*And when your voice is never heard
You speak the language of the world
Secret lover comfort me

I'm drowning in her body
Dying within her kiss
Her sweet perfume is tempting me
To press her to my lips
She takes me to her country
I'm breathing in the air
Before the night if over
She takes me in too far

(Repeat *)

Speak the silence talk to me
Only you can set me free
Secret lover comfort me
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Secret Lover lyrics

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check here the lyrics for Secret Lover, the 3th song of the 7 recorded for the album Stand In Line, with a total running time of , by Impellitteri. It was released on via , and produced by .