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I need you
I'll lead you
I'll thrill you
I'll kill you
I'll lead you out of the night
That once has fallen upon us
Revenge for the stab with a dagger
Right into our shieldless back
Do you agree when I say expulsion?
Do you agree to wipe them out?
Do you mind the voice of the world?
Or will you follow each command?
One heart, one soul
One man to lead you into your
Salvation, domination,
We can rule the world forever
I need you - like the air I'm breathing day by day
I'll lead you - my lambkins, my dear children
I'll thrill you - I?m the twilight of the gods
I kill you - as I will die for you
Now you believe every word I say
Now you're puppets in my hands
Do you remember, I'd asked you once
If you will follow me even into death
Now, here's your ultimate chance
To take your oath, you've sworn on me
Don't pray to God for he is dead
A new Messiah has caputred your minds
One folk, one lord
One man to lead you into your
Salvation, extermination
We will change the world forever
I'm your leadeer, I'm your lord
Am I human or divine?
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I Need You lyrics

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check here the lyrics for I Need You, the 8th song of the 11 recorded for the album Enlighten The Darkness, with a total running time of , by Angel Dust. It was released on via , and produced by .