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I've been most unwilling to see this turmoil of mine
The thought of sitting with this has me paralyzed

With this prolong exposure to mirror and averted eyes
I've feigned that I've been waiting: such mileage for empathizing

And now I see the maddness in me is brought out in the presence of you
And now I know the madness lives on, when you're not in the room
And though I'd love to blame you for all, I'd miss these moments of opportune
You've simply brought this madness to light and I should thank you
Oh thank you, much thanks for this bird's eye view
Oh thank you for your most generous triggers

It's been all too easy to cross my arms and roll my eyes
The thought of dropping all arms leaves me terrified


I'd have to give up knowing and give up beaing right
You inadvertent hero, you angel in disguise

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Madness lyrics

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check here the lyrics for Madness, the 16th song of the 18 recorded for the album Flavors of entanglement, with a total running time of , by Alanis Morissette. It was released on May 30, 2008 via Maverick, Reprise, and produced by Guy Sigsworth.