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(Steven Tyler, Joe Perry, Jack Blades, Tommy Shaw)

Talk is cheap shut up and dance
Don't get deep, shut up and dance

Love has got me down
A tear just hit the ground
So I started writing you this song
But the words I wrote came out all wrong
Yeah, but it's alright

When you can't define the crime
Then life ain't worth a dime
When they take away everything you got
And they rup your nose in the funky spot
Not without a fight

When you work you fingers to the bone
Now what does that get you-NOTHING
In a crowd of people
You're still alone
You hope that tells you something

The road to heaven is paved in hell
And it makes you wonder
Why we're here at all
Check out the shape of your circumstance
He wears the dress and she wears
the pants
Here comes Jill and she needs romance
But you can't do jack so shut up
and dance!

Sex is like a gun
You aim, you shoot, you run
When you're splittin' hairs with Mr.Clean
It's like gettin' heat from guillotine
And the night has just begun


(C) 1992 Swag Song Music, Inc./ Tranquity Base Gongs adm. by WB Music Corp.
ASCAP / Ranch Rock Music adm. by Warner-Tamerline Publishing Corp. BMI
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Shut Up And Dance lyrics

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