3 Inches of Blood - Leather lord song lyrics
3 Inches of Blood lyrics
Failing light brings the darkest night
It's the time he rules his domain
Those who fear when he draws near
Will be cast aside when he has come

He is the Leather Lord
Leather Lord

Spawned to fight for metal's right
Without mercy he will crack the whip
Armour made of all the beasts he's slain
The untrue are cut down
By his blade

He is the Leather Lord
Leather Lord

Wearing the hides of the traitors he kills
Skinning them alive
Tanning and crusting and dyeing their flesh
Amplifies his sex drive

Oh Lord of Leather

Solo: Hagberg

Reclaim the sound that's gone underground
A false doctrine preached for far too long
In leather black he leads the charge
Reigning steel and vengeance for our kind

He is the Leather Lord
Long live heavy metal (2012)
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