36 Crazyfists - Bandage for promise song lyrics
36 Crazyfists lyrics
Rolling darkness comes to me
Lightning in a bottle catches fire
From all the hell I seem to need

Voice whispers from the hall
Pitch black sun returns to fall
The colors they just seem to be
Eyes shine from beyond the trees
Became the wolf in trade for sleep
And I am the damaged done

So I understand, shell of a man
Who lost everything
Rain on me, rain down on me

Brighter lights and darker shadows
Decorate the hearts that
Stayed so close
Bandage for promise bleeds the most
It bleeds the most

There were lines in the sky
I couldn't delete to save my life
But I knew, yeah I knew
Pulled out my teeth
Reflect the face
Long way out so make your peace
And swallow all your enemies

Take as needed for pain
Things we lose and we gain
What did you learn and in turn
Perfect disaster
Lanterns (2017)
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