36 Crazyfists - Sleepsick song lyrics
36 Crazyfists lyrics
Take time to cut it out of you
Blinding scene it's deafening and only cause it's true...

Words collide and fail at the same time
Abandoned by the closest on your side, then left to die...

Handed your own heart from the outside
I never knew the shadow of doubt would leave without
I paint a picture of what it used to be, then set it on fire to rid it out of me, rid it out of me...

Taste it down and swallow all the black
A reckoning, it's silencing, a finish to the end

Sometimes the glitter, see through and clear
Broken vows ring sirens of fear
I never meant to kill us like I did
If it's over, say it's over, she did

I look at my face and what it's done to me. Can't live in this space
Because what it's done to me...

I paint a picture of how it used to be
Then set it on fire to rid it out of me

To rid it out of me...
Lanterns (2017)
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