36 Crazyfists - Sorrow sings song lyrics
36 Crazyfists lyrics
Bad luck wind blowin? in the breath of death
From the sway the lens bleeds deep across the screen
Sound the voice of life and bury it beneath your feet
I wish this light would never ever dim
I wish this light would never dim
Sorrow sings of everything but survival doesn?t seem to ring
Isolate, contain your pain to outlast the taste of misery
I believe the curse will swallow its teeth
Show the stars and I can clear the air and love the end
As hollow as that sounds, I begin to breathe somehow
The curse will swallow its teeth. the past will fall at your feet
Sorrow sings, this sorrow
Time & trauma (2015)
1. Vanis
2. 11.24.11
3. Sorrow sings
4. Lightless
5. Time and trauma
6. Also am i
7. Translator
8. Silencer
9. Slivers
10. Swing the noose
11. Gathering bones
12. Marrow