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Uncertain sky, ocean of silence
Nothing in sight, only storms in the distance
Gear up, meeting point at zero hour
It looks like this is far from over

Signals coming from deep space giant void
Magnetic shields are ready to deploy
Unknown waves are rumbling stronger
Confirmed, this comes from underwater

I always thought this could be real
Always assumed it was near
Not having a single doubt
Not having a single thought

The wake! This is the end of dormancy
The wake! Something from the bottom of the sea

These kinds of things can't be revealed
Who would have thought? Who would believe?
Fear of the unknown will stay on
Because no god has ever saved anyone

The wake! From the seabed underneath
The wake! millions of years of dormancy
The wake! Recharged by the waste of energy
The wake! This thing will change our destiny

Speakers: To all vessels, keep you position
Chants: Ahh! Ahh! Ahh! Ahh!
Speakers: All units, ready to counter-attack
Chants: Ahh! Ahh! Ahh! Ahh!

Under the surface, gravitational waves
Abyssal hurricane from the alien base
Trans-fictional sky engulfed in flames
Too late to retreat, too amazed to relate

Time is stretching, movements divide
The course of events suddenly modified
Melted in the structure, bodies petrified
Staring at me asking for help before they die

Here I am laying on a bed
Some kind of device over my head
Where am I? Some place I've never seen
Some hidden secret facilities

Blurred shadows keep asking me if I remember
What happened that day, about a mission failure
Should I pretend that I don't know?
I have the feeling it is time to go... GO!

I have to escape and I'll tell you why
I have to escape and I'll tell you why
I'm the only one who survived!
I'm the only one who survived!
They're after me...! They're gonna get me!
This is what happens, when... You know too much!
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The end of dormancy lyrics

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check here the lyrics for The end of dormancy, the 2th song of the 8 recorded for the album The wake, with a total running time of , by Voivod. It was released on September 21, 2018 via Century Media Records, and produced by Francis Perron.