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Scrolling down in paradise
Absorbed by the next device
You live alone, we live alone
Castaway and insecure
A wonder world that isn't yours
The dream is gone, your time is done

Become useless, recycle yourself
Or be replaced by something else
You must improve but you can't follow
So there you are, straight in the bin, you'll go!
So there you are, down the crusher, you'll blow!
So there you are... No more!

Over-obsessed with comments feed
Distracted by some silly scenes
You are someone, like everyone
Hypnotised and plastified
You might forget to live your life
Wasting your days, expiring date

Out of function, no longer used
And your model discontinued
Signs of the time are starting to show
So there you are, stacked on the shelf, you'll go!
There you are, smashed to pieces, you'll blow!
There you are... No more!

Being a brand all of your life
You're being used to advertise
A follower goes with the flow
So there you are, no one will ever know!
So there you are, no one will ever know!
There you are... No more!

A new era has arrived
Is there some use for mankind?
The time is still ruled by the sky
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Obsolete beings lyrics

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check here the lyrics for Obsolete beings, the 1th song of the 8 recorded for the album The wake, with a total running time of , by Voivod. It was released on September 21, 2018 via Century Media Records, and produced by Francis Perron.