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Sweet dreams...
in deep sleep...
widen the landscape of mind!
Dreaming... and seeing...
more than a lifetime could give!
And I keep dreamming...
Oh, I keep breathing... The Night!
What treasures it may hide... The Night!
What paths it may guide to... The Night!
Time after time...
Take me, unfold me!
Hands on the Night... feeling inside...
I've lost one life!
Child of the Night...
Don't wake me up!
And you keep dreaming...
Oh, are you feeling the Night?
Dreams, do thems of the dead...
Night after night...
Returning to the light!
Hands of time stop!
Filling my mind...
with your starry eyes!
Child of the Night.
Time after time... tired.
Hands of the Night...
Take me away, feeling inside... so tired.
Chiht... we'll sleep... Forever.
Hands of time stop...

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Dreamlands lyrics

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check here the lyrics for Dreamlands, the 3th song of the 5 recorded for the album Love & Death, with a total running time of , by Sentenced. It was released on via , and produced by .