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The scars in the wind
Guiding my path to the dark
The breath of the silent night
Approaching from a distance


I cut a thousand cuts
Streams run (down) along my arms
stars blasted into darkness
Strange scents, colours


The sleepless eyes
Sterilized by drops of pride
Skies... mirror... screams
Shapes foundering into the scene


Hate in my heart
Revenge in my mind and my words
I rinse my hair in blood
And mock at your lousy God

I cut a thousand cuts
Streams run (down) along my arms
Oh the scars in the wind...!
Guiding my pathway on my ride

Catch death

The sleepless eyes

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released 1993, via
1. My Sky Is Darker Than Thine
2. Wings
3. Fields Of Blood, Harvester Of Hate
4. Capture Of Fire
5. Awaiting The Winter Frost
6. Beyond The Wall Of Sleep
7. Northern Lights
8. Epic
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