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You are a devil little lover
When I got you on your back
You got it girl like no other
When you deal the cards are stacked

Pillow quakin' patty cakin'
Got me in a disarray
Oh GG what did you say?

You always say you'll please
You always say you'll do
Go-GG-Go I say
What you got is more than pretty
Some day I'm gonna pay

Time with you hard to recover
Wear me down into a rag
Break it shake it make it hover
Put my bits into a bag

Mary Mary quite the cherry
Throwin' up her legs
Oh GG I beg

Do what you gotta do
Don't have to ask you please
Go-GG-Go away
Some day you're gonna kill me
I pray it ain't today

You always beg me please
You lay enough for two
Go-GG-Go I say
Go-GG-Go all day
Go-GG-Go away
Some day you're gonna kill me
I hope it ain't today

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