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Soulless and godless, we bum the candle at both ends as progress is being phased out. Our resistance is futile and so we bypass the future while we focus on the here and now. We long for the time when justice wasn't so blind. How we took for granted everything. Well, the time is now (if there ever was a time). It's all or nothing, sink or swim. Because the power within you is nothing without you, gotta keep movin' on (keep movin' on). I hear the grass is always greener on the west side of Texas, and the West was won under the gun. Lines in the sand are drawn with bloody hands. The message sent is loud and clear that the strength lies in numbers and the numbers are rising. Lord, take us to the promised land! With no end in sight, we'll fight with all our might to get back on our feet again. It only takes a minute to realize the urgency of what is at hand. High noon can't come too soon, so shoot straight and take 10 steps to the East. Boy I can't wait to end this big charade we played for life, and now I bid farewell for good and bless the cause for which we stood.
The final revolution (2013)
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