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With no place to run and no place to hide, we're shit out of luck and out of time. It's like hell on earth, where the parasites reside to feed upon our energy. We're like rats in a cage, shocked and amazed at the scale of what's been done to us. Where evil resides, darkness presides over us no matter what the cost. There's no order in the court and there's no justice for what they did. Behind the promises, the men who sold their souls for the highest bid. We're destined for mass extinction for lack of conviction. En masse extinction for lack of conviction. Full speed ahead into oblivion. We've past the point of no return. With so much at stake but not much to lose we try to get shit overturned. A fruitless endeavor of biblical proportion lies ahead. No dignity displayed by the masses cause most have none. I'm giving all, yet it seems to me that there's no order in the court. The futures bleak, the system stinks to high heaven and back and makes no difference what you think.
The final revolution (2013)
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