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You see, I got a fuckin' message for you (and you, and you) and didn't I tell you I would see this through? Never claim to represent because you run when the shit goes down. Say goodbye to all of this: The pain, the tears, the shame, the bliss. You've been exposed for what you are, no heart from the very start of this. Unfazed, I will emerge unscathed. Unfazed, I will emerge unscathed back from harm's way. You gotta play it fuckin righteous if you want some respect. This ain't a choice to accept or reject. It boils down to the nitty gritty, the brass tacks of this fuckin' shitty city. Bow down to the powers that be and be the sucker, you mother fucker. You played the role to the fuckin' T. I should have known you'd turn your back on me.
The final revolution (2013)
1. Deathwish
2. One shot one kill
3. Southbound
4. Problem reaction solution
5. The final revolution
6. Can't stop the pain
7. All systems fail
8. Want some
9. Fall from grace
10. Emerge
11. Mass extinction
12. Under the gun