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Rule 1: Never look a gift horse in the mouth. But the fact you did says a lot for you and who you are. How the years go by and you still got it out for me. But that's you, and all your bitterness and fucking jealousy. You pat yourself on the back while I beat my chest. Now can you guess who's the best? I'll fall from grace and eventually all will fall into place. Eventually I'll fall from grace and eventually all will fall into place, eventually.

Rule 2: Never let the bullshit get to you. But the fact that you did makes it all the more true. Do you think at all of those you left in your wake? I guess not, but that's your choice to make. I bet you'd like to see me fall on my face, or from grace. Just try to knock me out of the race. I bet you can't, so you'll just talk your shit anyway. I built this fortress to be heard and to be righteous with these words. I said be careful what you wish for, and kept all abreast of what's in store. Then you came, you saw, you left.
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